This stunning necklace has six sterling silver miniature discs measuring 6mm discs hanging from the chain in even intervals. The discs can have letters hand stamped on them to spell a word or to have special initials of your choice.

Presented in a DaisyRose stamped gift box.

Jewellery finishes
Every letter is stamped by hand and not done by a machine, the alignment may not be completely perfect but this is a handcrafted touch that makes your piece of jewellery unique to you. 

A black effect can be added to the letters which makes them easier to read or they can be left silver giving a more subtle finish. The black finish is surface treatment that may fade in time, to prolong the finish it is advised to not expose it to perfume, chlorine, cosmetics and body lotions. Please let us know if you would like the black effect or not when ordering.

6mm sterling silver discs - Maximum of 1 letter per disc.

Sterling silver miniature disc necklace