Welcome to DaisyRose


Hi, we’re Jean & Becky and we run our small jewellery business from our homes
just outside Loughborough. We met through our very young sons (at the time)
discussing what words they were both saying and general first time Mummy
worries, we then just so happened to have our second babies three weeks apart.
As we got to know each other better we noticed lots of similarities, we’re both
very creative and we both have similar tastes in fashion, food, and gin!!!
We both have creative degrees and worked very hard in our jobs pre-children
but once they arrived we both decided not to return to our jobs and
concentrated on family life. As our babies are now a little bit older and slightly
less dependant on us we completed a Silversmith course in January 2018 and
since started up DaisyRose.

We chose DaisyRose for our name because it’s a blend of both our Grandmothers
names. Having our families at the heart of the business seems right for us and the
perfect starting point to build from.

We make handmade silver jewellery and personalised gifts, ranging from
necklaces and bracelets to keyrings, cufflinks, and earrings. We love everything
creative and personal and specialise in our personalised necklaces with loved
one's names stamped by hand that can be worn close to the heart. However, we
have lots of other products and an ever-increasing and evolving range.
We’re always happy to help with any questions, and commissions so if you have
any queries at all please contact us via telephone, email or social media.


Jean & Becky x