Frequently asked questions

Do you replace a piece if you make a spelling error?

Yes, If we have made a mistake please message us ASAP with a picture of your
piece and if we have miss-spelt your item we will send a new one out ASAP.

Do you replace a piece if it is not the piece ordered?

Yes, If we have sent someone else's piece to you, please message us ASAP and we
will get yours to you. We may ask you to sent the other piece back (at our cost)

Missing pieces or names on your item

If there is anything missing from your piece and it was our fault please let us
know and send a picture as well and we will get it corrected, added or remade.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, If you have a change of mind about your purchase and it’s before your item
has been made or shipped, we can issue a refund. Please contact us ASAP.

What happens if words or names were sent with the wrong spelling?

Please make sure to check your spelling before and after you submit your order.
If you realise you have made a mistake before we make it, message us
immediately. If we see a possible spelling error we will message you but this can
impact on production time.

Will the words and names be perfectly aligned?

No, every letter is stamped by hand and not done by a machine, the alignment
may not be completely perfect, but this is a handcrafted touch that makes your
piece of jewellery unique to you.

Will all the letters be the same depth and colour?

Not always, each letter/stamp is hit with a hammer so some letters may turn out
deeper or lighter than others. Please take this into consideration.

My necklace is different from the sample picture

Please understand the pictures in the listing you purchase are samples. Your
piece could be slightly different. These are NOT flaws, this is what makes your
piece unique and special. If you have an issue with what you have received
please contact us so we can resolve the problem.

Questions and Notes to seller

Please add personalisation details when placing your order. Specify names and
dates you are wanting on the piece, please ensure ALL spelling is checked and
correct before sending. If you have any questions that could change the order
please send us a message or email before ordering. If you ask a question after
you have paid, this is difficult to answer because you may need to add something
to your cart before you pay. Responding slowly can slow your production time
down. Questions are always welcome but please ask before you make your